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hydraulicfracturing.wa.gov.au is for people who need to learn about the implementation of the Government’s response to the Independent Scientific Panel Inquiry into Hydraulic Fracture Stimulation in Western Australia.

Providing access to everyone is important to us. This includes people with disabilities, older people, people who can’t use or struggle with digital services, people living in remote locations and people using alternative online technologies such as mobile devices.

The website aims to meet the Government of Western Australia’s preferred accessibility standards. Please read our accessibility page for more information. The website has also been designed for usability with a mobile first approach to ensure the service is accessible on the platforms and devices you choose.

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Over time we will look at how people are using this website and what they are searching for. This will help us to identify where we can add information and services that you need or improve how the information is presented on the website.

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Page reviewed 12 July 2019