Action 8

Public health impact


DoH to review proposals where there is potential for public health impacts.

Lead agency
Department of Health
Target completion date
May 2020
Revised completion date


31 March 2020

A paper outlining the referral process is currently being finalised.

31 December 2019

Consultation paper, outlining the referral process between the EPA and DoH, is under development.

30 September 2019

Existing processes are being reviewed and documented, ensuring alignment with Action 7 referral process, to develop a process for DoH to review and provide advice to the EPA on the robustness of referred, peer-reviewed, site-specific risk assessments for the cumulative and short and long term health risk from:

  • chemicals proposed to be used in hydraulic fracture stimulation or expected to be present in produced or flow-back water; and
  • air-borne chemicals (including volatile organic compounds and dust) on human health arising from hydraulic fracture.
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