Implementation Progress

The Implementation Plan describes the actions required to implement the Inquiry’s recommendations and the Government’s Policy Decisions, which include substantive changes to the way hydraulic fracture stimulation is regulated in the State.

Delivering the Implementation Plan requires a considered approach across a number of State Government agencies, allowing for adjustments, if required to better meet the needs of the Government, stakeholders and the community.

Action status and updates will be reported quarterly.

Proponents considering hydraulic fracturing on onshore petroleum titles where the hydraulic fracturing moratorium has been lifted are able to self-refer to the EPA, however assessment will be undertaken in parallel with the implementation of the remaining Actions.

Proponents will not be permitted to commence hydraulic fracturing exploration until the WA Code of Practice has been developed, and hydraulic fracturing production will not be approved until Traditional Owner and private landowner consent requirements have been implemented.

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Action #
Action 1

Lifting hydraulic fracture stimulation moratorium

Action 2

Hydraulic fracture stimulation no-go areas

Action 3

Acreage release process for hydraulic fracture stimulation

Action 4

Early and ongoing engagement with local communities

Action 5a

Right of consent – Traditional Owners

Action 5b

Right of consent – private landowners

Action 6

Access requirements

Action 7

EPA assessment for all onshore hydraulic fracture proposals

Action 8

Public health impact

Action 9

Chemicals register

Action 10

GHG emission offsets

Action 11

Code of practice

Action 12

Non-compliance hotline

Action 13

Penalties (environmental compliance tools)

Action 14

Past environmental performance

Action 15


Action 16

Separation of regulation and promotion of industry

Action 17

Removing royalty rate discount

Action 18

Clean Energy Future Fund (CEFF)

Action 19

Financial assurances

Action 20

Cost recovery

Page reviewed 14 February 2020

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